How to Eat In Style

Want to do something special? You can dine in style at home, and it does not cost a lot of money. Make that weekend meal stand out.

How Could You Organize The Mood?

You can establish the mood with just a few items. Add a few candles for a romantic dinner. To dine in style, dim the lights, so the candles stand out in the room.

After a difficult day on the job, just fix a quick meal to dine in style. You may want to relax in your comfortable chair. A cup of tea could fit in just now.

How Can Music Help?

Music can help you to establish the mood and to dine in style. For example:

– Romance – soft, elevator music

– Relax – Soft, smooth music

– Get Them Going – load, rock music

Music can enhance your meal. Music can put everyone in the mood.

How About A Little Wine?

The French drink wine at every meal. It is a way of life for them. Their red wine is plain, with no sugar or extra alcohol.

You possibly could serve wine with dinner to dine in style. As a rule, red wine is for beef and lamb. White wine is for chicken and pork. Select the wine that is better suited for your meal.

The wine is always a good topic of conversation. Wine doesn’t just come from France; but, from all over the world. You may even have a number of wine vineyards near you.

How Can You Go Italian?

Italian Food is available at many restaurants. You can buy Italian Food at your local grocery store. To dine in style, you can plan on an Italian dinner.

You can start by dressing up your Italian salad. Add shredded mozzarella and provolone cheeses to top your Italian salad. Bestow some green olives and anchovies to liven up the taste. You possibly could use oil and vinegar dressing for your Italian salad.

To keep Italian food simple, you can serve spaghetti and meatballs. Italian food that’s easy to make. Spaghetti, though, does get a little messy, so provide adequate napkins for your guests.

If your adventurous, you can attempt other Italian dishes like baked lasagna, chicken cacciatore and eggplant parmiagiana. You possibly could complement your meal with Italian bread.

Would You Like To Go Chinese?

Chinese Cuisine is also very popular. You can find a Chinese Restaurant in every town. You might create a Chinese meal and dine in style.

You can start your Chinese meal with soup. Won Ton, Egg Drop and Hot-Sour soups are great starters. Add green onions to your soup for garnish.

You could bring Egg Rolls to your Chinese meal. Egg Rolls are available in the freezer section. Chinese Egg Rolls are filled with pork, shrimp and cabbage. You could supply an orange sauce to complement the Egg Rolls.

With a Wok, you can create most Chinese dinners. Moo Goo Gai Pan, Chow Mein and Beef and Broccoli can be made in a Chinese wok. It’s a fun way to cook food for the entire family.

Don’t forget the Chinese Fortune Cookies. Your guests want to know what their fortune is. It makes for some terrific conversation and an exciting ending to your Chinese dinner.

What is good for Dessert?

Dessert is the crowning achievement for your meal. To dine in style, you can wind your meal up with a Dessert Wine and some watermelon.

For a little more work, you can bake a pie or cake for dessert. Add some ice cream or whipped topping to finish the Dessert. Dessert helps to carry on the conversation, with that little something extra.

You Can Dine In Style!

It’s not hard to dine in style. Just add some candles to set the mood. You can cook Mexican or Italian or try something new, if you like. For the meal, try to cook something unique.

Dining in style is something you and your guests will delight in. They won’t forget your hospitality.

Good Luck!

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